Noel Webster


Hi Peter, just wanted to let you know my younger son Ryan called me last week very excited that he was promoted to manager level. He is doing a great job. Part of getting his job and his great work skills and advancement have been in large part due to your six sigma black belt training that Ryan received in 2011. Ryan and I thank you again for your expert help and education.

I have witnessed your training with your company,, since 2007. As a senior manager and executive officer, I have helped many young, talented, up and coming leaders and managers participate in your training. It is, without a doubt, the best training I have witnessed and even participated in this field. I have followed many of those students of your program over the years. Many have continued to improve their businesses with multiple black belt projects. Many have become Master Black Belts under your great instruction and guidance and continue to train others with your system. You have touched many lives with your great efforts and friendships. Just wanted to let you know you have specifically touched my son’s life and it is not forgotten. Thanks, Noel

I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone or any company seeking six sigma training to enhance their capabilities and business excellence. If you want an expert that has a proven record and teaches it with fun as part of the package, then Peter Peterka’s team is the one to choose.

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